bloodlust restrictions.

Comrade Krill, Warrior of Parriusto Camaris

Bloodlust restrictions are just there: work with them as they are since there is no other option.

Also be aware that the restrictions work both ways - aerian will be restricted from harming you in the most obvious and potentially fatal ways, and you will be restricted from harming him likewise.

If this bothers you, a mutual challenge will remove those restrictions for you.

And of course, remember there are ways you can hurt opponents who have too much bloodlust to hit you.

I have heard complaints this way too, from sorfcerers annoyed at having their demons slain by people they cannot hurt themselges.

Bloodlust is a part of the land, and you must learn what it means like you learn the ladnd iteself.


Written by my hand on the 7th of Skyelong, in the year 1019.