Camaristo Evil Aerian, Creature from Hell

1. You missed my point completely. I'm not overly worried about this particular occasion, but I would like to see bloodlust restrictions applied to all hostile acts, not just selected ones.

2. Your a fool.

3. I have read the bloodlust helpfiles too, no need to quote them. As you seem to know the rules well enough, one wonders why it is that you do your best to circumvent them ?

4. I'm not at all sure that I believe you have ever harvested anything in your life. Even if you have, I've never made it to one and when I finally do I certainly wont be searching endless fields in attempt to team you. (I've yet to team anyone.)

Someone brushes the tip of his lore-stave along the ground to sap away rituals

and spirits.

Your resistance to fire has been stripped from you.

820h, 700m cei-

The cloak of protection surrounding you disperses.

The cloak of protection surrounding Evil Aerian disperses.

5. Did you also say you didnt dispell my spiritual defences ? I believe the plan was to for Jhor to summon me into his rits.

6. Your a fool.


Written by my hand on the 13th of Paglost, in the year 1019.