Camaristo Apollo, the god of light

I've taken the liberty of posting this here M'Lord because I think the issues ought to be open to public debate. I hope thats ok.

Picture this -

There is a Avrit up - I die to Jhor and buddies. Fair enough.

I challenge Jhor, he responds by sending Aerian along to try and move me to an outside location so that he and his buddies can continue to harass me with the Avrit. Not fair - but not unusual and not illegal or bug abuse.

Aerian cant attack me due to the bloodlust restrictions. Fair enough.

Aerian destorys runes that are loyal to me - despite bloodlust restrictions. Unfair.

Aerian blocks me despite bloodlust restrictions. Unfair.

Aerian dispells my spiritual defences despite bloodlust restrictions. Unfair.

Thats three offensive actions that were used on me despite bloodlust restrictions in the space of 30 seconds. My question is this ... are these by design ? or are they oversights and therefore abuse of a bug ?

Bemused - Camaris.

Written by my hand on the 11th of Paglost, in the year 1019.