Sir Kes the Flashing Bladeto Everyone

As you can all see i have been proved correct again by Jhor and Zenichiro and that rude person Marie.

It should be know that it was thakria who gave zenichiro help in smashing our forts and also it was

thakria that gave him rations to do it.

The lying and pathetic person know as Jhor seems to be totally misinformed, since it was him and aerian

who i got the logs from regarding the Thakrian and Zeni plan with regards to destroying Mercinae.

However they still don't seem to see the facts.

Mercinae and SD are going to strangle the living daylights out of them for their lies and back stabbing

and murdering and raping.

And Zakath your troop movement has been noted. Hope your legions are still there tomorrow morning.

Zenichiro must be angrey at me for telling the truth about him due to his constant inane shouts about


Oh well at least I have hit a nerve.


Written by my hand on the 2nd of Midwinter, in the year 1018.