public statement.

Ragar, Claws of the Seato Zenichiro, Master of Lore

well this will ba as close as we can come at this point, as we are in midst of changes internally, and neither myself or kes of any other baron or minister can speak wholely for city until it is resolved.

first there was no parrian attack until merc legion began march. second gates were refused to parrius. this was a decision reached , and acted upon by many people. but i gave commands for legions and forts.

i will not join in name calling or threats. i simply will state, that as soon as our gov situation is resolved, we shall pick up peices and see what may be done.

the claim you make of still wanting peace should be obvious to all, im sure the matter of extra soi besides corinia will be bandied here, but truely it is shown in the fact that large legion left merc and stopped at halfway tavern.

what i would ask is this. put a hold on further flagging for 2 days, rl. this is not enough time for us to build up strength to stop you, but it will give us a chance to solve internal issues and begin talks, where those talks lead , i wont make promi


so many hands were in pie that no story ever came out same, i understand this, the hurried manner was a disaster last time. let us try to come to table all on same page. perhaps war is in future, shrug, in wich case you have a great strangle hold on u

s, its apperant to all. the large merc legion will march no farther than the riverway by bridge in those 2 days. after will be moved to cover the entrances to bards locations on east bank by bridge.

this only if talks are ongoing at that time, as we have no desire to waste rations. we are still at war with thakria after all.

what i ask of mercinaes citizens is this, refrain from posting accusations here, escpecially if you do not have first hand knowlage. something told by the guildmate of a loremaster that once heard from a traveling sheepherder does not count as first

hand. i understand our cities feelings, they are mixed and full of emotion.

fizzy made a good remark. take a breath, the parrian legion is out of mercinae, yes we lost barracks and forts, and soi are in position to be eaten up, but i will say this, if we had weathered the storm of fear and hatred a day or so more, perhaps thi

ngs would have been diff. i dont judge, i was one of those people, fear for city drove me to agree with course of action, i believe it was a mistake.

this will not be popular i know, and may cause some to withdraw their support for me as prince, but honestly, as much as i would like the post, if giving it up saves mercinae, even a slightly battered version of it, then will do so.

we will not bow done, we are wonded, perhaps by our own hand, but if talks do not work this time, then i will lead war effort myself, it would be my duty. but i believe we can go beyond that.

well so much for political fence sitting, there is my opinion and a semi- official post . it certainly does not reflect the entire populace of mercinae, but i hope it does the majority, if not . may our pride keep us warm. it will be a long winter.

If a peaceful end to this conflict can be reached , then will be happy to see it.

ragar , baron , field marshall

Written by my hand on the 29th of Leaflost, in the year 1017.