Dear Ulyssis, firstly let me congrulate you on being such a paragon of

compassion, you judge me not on my words, or even on my actions, but on my

past. A true example to us all, but probably not of compassion.

As to the Parrian Mission, if you knew anything Ulyssis, you'd already know

that Genesis had been asked and had agreed that if both sides come to an amicable

agreement as to the mission the gods would not stand in their way. It is not my

place to speak for them, as you seem to think it is yours, but I don't think the

gods will object to any agreement that Mercinae wishes to make.

In my experiences in Avalon, the gods do not stand in the way of mortals making

decisions for themselves and do not try to decree or dictate the fate of mortals.

Again, as I said in a previous post, look to yourselves to clean up your mess,

not the gods.

I notice with sadness that neither Ragar or Neidhart have made any statement.

Both were here when this took place, both were asked and both refused to lower

the fortifications at which point me and Marie came under attack through an

Avalon ritual. Please just one of you, post and correct Kes's false accusations.

Finally, to the new goverment of Mercinae, I understand there are changes afoot

and trusting that they will be for the good of peace in Avalon, welcomes them.

But, frankly we're tired of the public accusations and insults from peons within

your city coupled with private assurances that this will all be cleared up soon.

We request some form of official statement from you so we can begin to really

clear this up. Parrius still wants peace.

Written by my hand on the 27th of Leaflost, in the year 1017.