As much as I wish we could lay claim to it Thakria did not orchestrate any plan with Parrius. Infact most of Thakria was rather oblivious to Parrius plans and thoughts. Now don't get me wrong we love what has happened and know it has benefited. Howe

ver to call a city that wants to be on its own and just happened to go against your grand scheme a Thakrian mercinary army is just sad. Again to Parrius I wish to pass my wishes of goodluck I placed on the government bored onto you in your attempt to

stand tall proud and on your own.

On a side note I do find it humours that Kes now thinks Parrius single handly keeping Mercinae from falling to Thakria as doing nothing. Wonder what it takes in his pool side life to count as doing something!

Yours in Vengeance,




Written by my hand on the 14th of Leaflost, in the year 1017.