Your post (15697) was the first one I read today, and I am replying to

it instantly, as I am more than a little offended.

I'd like you to retract and apologise for your misquote of my words. I

have NEVER said I will run people out of Avalon, nor is that EVER my

intention. Don't confuse me with other 'historical' figures. I am

VERY annoyed that you have dared to level this lie at me in a public


For the record, my words ran, as they always do (as those who bother

to listen will know), that I 'will not rest until all my enemies lie

dead at my feet, or cower in the Pool, under Pacifism or under Divine


I happen to feel that Avalon is a wonderful game (been here some five years

now, and more) and I would NEVER deny anyone the chance to play here.

If you cannot differentiate between someone being an a**h**** and someone

trying to do a spot of roleplaying, then you ought to reconsider your


Written by my hand on the 16th of Springflower, in the year 1017.