Last word on Pacifism.

You interpretation of Pacifism while emotional is total wrong. Pacifism does not exist in Avalon and the Animist is far from being one.

Pacifist, true Pacifist that is best help you to prevent war not by words or deeds that help war. Its is not Pacifist who heal the wounded those are jobs for the non-combatants.

Pacifist create and follow methods that end war and will never do any deeds that enhance war such as repairing a fighter so that they can go forward and kill again.

It was the Pacifists who threw themselves in front of troop trains to stop troops going to Vietnam, A single Pacifist who stood in front of a Chinese tank to stop a massacre,

Pacifists who died like lambs at the slaughter until the Fighting in India stopped.


There can be no greater traitor to humanity than he who helps another fight - Gandhi

Holy Cow what a load of shist! In my book there should be no \"ism's\" whatsoever - Uly.

Written by my hand on the 30th of Cloudburst, in the year 1017.