Bigotted maybe but Glow has a point.

Ulyssis the Compassionateto Everyone

It is actually quite amazing how many different points of view there are to each situation.

Well here are my views for what they are worth:

On dying as a Pacifist:

I have died (as a Pacifist) many times. Having a PW mantle is not protection against death and while I think that those who kill Pacifists (and fortunately I know of only one who used to do this) is the lowest form of coward but being killed by walkin


into staves, cold cones and certain demons, in my book does not count. But regardless of whether you die by intent or by accident if you are a pacifist you have no right to retaliation nor should you bear malice. If it is vengeance you seek then seek


then seek it after you have shed the mantle - you cannot have your cake and eat it!

On interfering with fights: Stay the hell out. (Especially if the fighter does not have the skills to kill you)

On being stripped:

Since the war begun I have lost a total of 600 gold ore, 320 silver ore, 172 potions, uncounted amounts of herbs, marble, flint, 20 drumsticks, 48 ebony pipes, 4 swords, 2 knives and 12300 coins. (All to Thakria and Plaman has never even thanked me).

Oh and 36 logs - never forget the logs for they where my first loss to Arthor. Why do I remember the logs so well; simple, on taking them Arthor claimed them as spoils of war and he was right!

That's it folks, stop bitching about getting stripped you are at war not pussy footing in the frigging park!

On re-equipping fighter types:

I spent over 117,000 coins and who knows how much silver ore (my own and donated) on re- equipping fighters who where sacked without being challenged or were so young that they should not have been attacked in the first place.

I never, on a point of principle, re-equip anyone who loses in an honorable fight or through theft. What's the point I'm alluding to? If fighters had honour or guts all the stripping would have been honorable (spoils of war) and I would be a very wea


man. By the way, the funny thing is the youngest fighter I ever helped to re-equip (hardly out of the Academy she was) was Glowballistic, says much about nothing doesn't it!

On the Peace Offering of Arikarr:

My price (if it were in my power) would be 1 coin and a promised you'd begin the war again as soon as you regroup.

At the moment the war is the only excuse the \"heroic\" fighter types have for sacking without challenge and already that creates incredulous shouts. Can you imagine the lame-brained shouts we would have all have to endure if those cowards no longer had


excuse to hide behind?

Written by my hand on the 30th of Cloudburst, in the year 1017.