1) You're a very brave lady declaring war while using pacifism to protect your withered hide. I was impressed with the bravery you displayed yesterday, begging your fighters, and fighters of other cities to come and save one of your precious city stav


Three bodies were offered to my Goddess and the stave still tumbled. Were three deaths really worth the gamble to retain a few bits of silver ?

2) Kilthas while living in SD very nearly sucessfully invaded Thakria. It was only the incompentance of your other aides that allowed us to repel the attack, that was hardly the behaviour of a city looking for \"peace\"

He don't live there anymore, what ya gonna do now ? Pity you can't order the troops to be loyal to Ragar, he cheats, but he has at least a basic grasp of military tactics.

I just asked one of my Barons \"I thought they already HAD declared war? \" \"No\" he replied, \"They were just being obnoxious before\". And that Orielle is all you are good for.

Yeah you've got a huge army, yeah it's parked right outside our doorstep, but you're still the joke city of Avalon, always was since SpringTown days, always will be.

P. S. Turn parsing off before posting, it makes you look stupid, and we wouldn't want that would we ?

Love and Kisses,


Written by my hand on the 28th of Cloudburst, in the year 1017.