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Orielle, Warfarin's Ladyto Arikarr, the Adversary

Perhaps a better question would be \"How did we get into this? \"

From reading the multitude of posts, it seems clear that a good part of Avalon does not know!

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When the ten year period ended after Mercinae invaded Thakria, Springdale was in quite a good position. At that time and many times since then our city has debated invading Thakria on its own. Each time it was agreed we could easily do this. Yet ea

ch time we asked ourselves \"why? \". And we kept finding no reason that satisfied us. We kept trying to talk peace with a combative city that several times verbalized their intention to bully us into submission. We were offered a treaty but we didnt

like it and tried to figure out just what was acceptable to both sides. (gasp we took too long in trying to make it fair to each of us). We consistently told Mercinae and Parrius no when asked to join in the \"war\". For years and years Springdale ke

pt herself apart.

I have told many of you personally that Springdale does what is in her best interest only. And certainly having Mercinae, Parrius and Thakria each decimate their troops while we sat and watched would have been by far our best choice as a city.

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However, dear Minister, you tipped the scales. When you told me that the only peace you would see in avalon was when all Springdalians were either pacifists or \"run out of the game\" (your words), we decided that yes it was in our best interests to se

e some of the bullying and posturing deflated in Thakria.

So perhaps the way to avoiding war was, and is, reasonable talk without threats and orders. (I believe one of your \"treaty\" offers to Mercinae started with the word surrender?) As well as stopping using words like Murk, Mercdalusians, etc. and expect

us to take you seriously.

Orielle, Princess of Springdale

Written by my hand on the 27th of Cloudburst, in the year 1017.