addressing your points.

Yes thakrians team. Yes some strip people. In fact get this I rob people!!! Imagine that a thief stealing items(though it has been made harder over time). Now not as old as you but fairly old here myself the term strip has been changed around. Wh

en first playing when you were stripped you were left naked with nothing not even the cheap trousers. Now a days being stripped is losing 2 or 3 potions. The saddest part is today it is much easier to replace equipment then when I was smaller and I

would dare guess when you were too.

I could probably sit and trade stories with you about people whinning to me about having something or even everything taken. Being the guildmaster of the bandits and just a long time member of the guild who does have members from all 4 cities I also

get to hear the other side of the story and trust me it does happen. Infact many people right away just assume a thakrian has robbed something and guess what sometimes I know better!!

I adressed the flag thing and yes I would love to see all of avalon under one flag done by me of course. Will this ever happen probably not but one can dream and have goals.

Ah and the 150 so years I have from time to time seen parrians attack mercinaens, springdalians attack mercinaens and vice versa. However I have also heard the uproar that goes on in cities when this happens and people trying to scamble to force this

to stop. These people are either called Thakrian puppets or so much pressure is put on them they either conform or leave those cities. I suppose someone will argue otherwise but I have not only lived in both Parrius for a long time and springdale f

or a short time read the bb's and seen these things take place. Aside from that I do(odd this point) have many aquaintances and friends in all the cities of avalon and oh my goodness imagine this we chat.

Hell I am long winded and I think I left off my point anyway point is stuff happens, has happened and will continue to happen to all cities from either thakria or the rest of the cities to Thakria. Just take pride at the moment your side can amass th

e bigger crowd and probably has more workers producing things. Even delude yourself into thinking that ragars ability in moving troops is some how your doing and you are causing the victory. Even kid yourself into thinking if Thakria falls then the

strippings and beating will stop. Just when reality smacks you in the face and it continues wether the walls stand or not or some other city decides to become the new bully on the block remember it is what you have asked for.

Now hero enjoy your retirement and go mine or make some essence or fish or something. Just watch out for those city loyal staves set up to protect a non fighting loremaster in an out of the way location trying to work.


Written by my hand on the 18th of Cloudburst, in the year 1017.