Treaty Breaking.

Arthor not sure what you know or where you have been these last few weeks, but thakria have broken the peace

treaty with the rangers guild now twice. You and Arikarr spout about treaties which you break and

then just shrug your shoulders.

Who if it wasn't your city lead legions against the Rangers guild in greenwood breaking an age

old treaty with them.

Perhaps you can comment on this.

And stop spouting lie after lie about peace which you have never wanted.

Is your foreign affairs minister doing his job or is dictator plaman once again pulling the puppet

strings of his oh so mighty wooden toys.

And Thakrian citizens, ever noticed how your gold quests don't pay out so much recently, how your

city economy is in a heap and where all the gold is going.

Ask Plaman and his stooges what they do with your gold, and why once again the city of miracles is

starving. People suffer in a war and it looks like once again the poor citizens of a city

embroiled in world domination has to suffer.


Written by my hand on the 14th of Cloudburst, in the year 1017.