Again a do nothing half a player who willing allows his skills to be crippled dares comments on the inner workings of a city he is truly ignorant of. Thakria runs its city no different then any other city for the most part. The one exception is we t

ell our members any city is fair game just expect consequences. As for the rest damn I knew I was doing something wrong all these years.

To the little rangers who choose to lump all of Thakria together based on a coupl of people. Yes we have a few young who are rather beligerent however from experience in this land I find this to be true of every city out there. It is probably more p

revalent in Thakria because we discourage our young from going pw and instead use their skills at a young age to become better.

The comments about the city of Miracles via ignorant shouts and misguided posts is hilarious. For surly if we were so brutual in our inner workings and cared nothing for our young we would have destroyed our own city years ago instead of taking it t

o a point where it is so feared byt he rest of avalon that three fourths of the realm have choosen to join up to try and obilterate it. I can imagine the day when that happens then the biggest conflict will be two pacifist arguing over who got to the

mine first or which city managed to produce the most essence. Both mind boggling challenging and difficult tasks.

Yours in Vengeance


Written by my hand on the 8th of Cloudburst, in the year 1017.