upon a certain note.....

Arikarr, the Adversaryto Everyone

I have been the minister of Foreign Affairs for Thakria, and a Baron

in that city for many, many, many years now. Sometimes longer have

I been in that post than those who post here have even been in this


During that time, and even prior to that, I have offered terms of

peace to ALL of the cities, even Mercinae. The terms were never

unreasonable, and often favoured the other city rather than my own.

Each of these was refused, repeatedly. So, despite what is read here

you should all remember, that we didn't start this, and that we

are being attacked for the personal gratification of a handful of

Thakria haters. We are being 'culled' just in case we DO attack


What kind of 'Goodness' leads to that? what kind of Compassion?

what kind of Justice? What kind of Truth?

I am suprised your Gods do not turn away in disgust and dissapointment.

If you want a epitaph for our gravestones then it should be this,

Live Free. Die Free.

Consider well your OWN motivations for fighting.....

Written by my hand on the 4th of Cloudburst, in the year 1017.