Thanks for showing that pacifist are good for more then just drone comm work. Comic relief seems to be a specialty too. I love how people who sit back and have relatively little to do with the ongoing war can commment on an entire other city. Thakr

ia confused and muddled hardly. Things are perhaps more clear for us now then it has ever been. All hidden agenda's have been thrown out and we need not listen to any more lies or be strung along. Avalon has printed it out for us all 3 cities are t

ogether until either we are destroyed(which 3 on 1 a very possible outcome) or we beat down the rest of avalon(considering we have the top fighters not too far fetched an idea).

Here is the use of huggie Arthor was looking for but by far did not orginate. It describes those people that must huddle together and cling to each other and other cities to survive. They are incapable of acting on their own and being independent.

It is those people that run at the least bit of adversity or when they don't have resounding odds that fit the defintion of huggie. Now yes perhaps some Thakrians fall into some of that definition however show me one that fits the entire defintion an

d I will be shocked. Thakrians have no other city to depend on and frankly that is how we want it. Our complaints of 3 on 1 don't stem from the fact we want to be friends with any other city we just wanted them to mind their business into what was a

mercinaen-thakrian war instead of being manipulated into serving Mercinae. As for holding steadfastly to their beliefs your fellow citizens and allies have already shown they do not. I can not wait for further entertainment please keep it coming!


Written by my hand on the 15th of Mournsend, in the year 1017.