A New BB.

Aren't bigots a funny lot? To a man they are fundamentalists with shist for brains and a top dressing that tries to impersonate intelligence.

When it comes anything they don't understand they have only one solution, call it names, stop it, flog it, hang it, slay it and stamp it out

,of course they never succeed because it would take imagination to do that, something a bigot never has and never will have.

But you dear Arthor, I know, are not a bigot therefore the term Huggie must be one on endearment and not of insult. That means you must have interpreted its meaning in true form, but was that a verb or a noun? Was it transitive or intransitive?

As a transitive verb \"Huggie\" would mean; \"one who holds steadfastly to their beliefs cherishing and protecting their own despite all odds\"; well Mercinae, Springdale and Parrius already have a BB so it can't mean that.

As an intransitive verb \"Huggie\" would mean; \"those who cling together closely\". We have seen many of those Arthor (shhh we won't mention any Thakrians by name*wink*) hiding in their guilds, or at the Pool, or in store-rooms, barracks etc.,

but hey, the fighters already have a BB so it can't mean that.

Possibly you meant it as an abbreviation for the word Huggermugger which means disorderly, confused and muddled but then Thakria also has a BB.

Hmmm, that only leaves one more possibility you meant it as an extension to hug, derived from the word hugga meaning to give solace and comfort. Well bad news again I'm afraid, the Orders of Life and Compassion as well as Pacifist have a BB.

I am therefore at a loss as to why a new BB is needed. Possibly it would be to discuss philosophy.

Because until the philosophy which holds one type of player superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned in Avalon, it will remain, despite its complexity, a very small an insignificant MUD in a world where

the expansion of such platforms are astronomical - and in the end, lack of expansion will affect us all.

Written by my hand on the 7th of Mournsend, in the year 1017.