Ragar, Claws of the Seato Ulyssis the Compassionate

hello all, just to add an official comment on this issue, grin.

parrius has been a long time ally of mercinae, if not for her legion protecting us in our darkest hour, mercinae would have fallen.

i do not claim to totally understand how the government works there, but i believe is set up so no one person can sway the entire city into negative actions. The custodians and officials i have delt with in parrius are far from thakrian sympathisers.

the government of mercinae does not expect to see parrius in the shadows anytime soon, smile. as for zenichiro and past, well he has kept all his word that was given. dont molest him, and he wont bother you or anyother cit of the free cities, so far h

e has honoured that. until otherwise, i take him at word.

I write this so that parrius , our friend, does not get impression this is how city feels about them. anytime large citizens move from one place to another is cause for watching, and even more so in war time. but i will not take trust that has been ea

rned 100 times over , and through it away becouse i dont like one of their new citizens.

i hope we can continue to grow and work together for a long time more, and i have recieved no indicatores at all that i should expect otherwise, smile.

for the continued health of the alliance and for the sea!

ragar , field marshall, baron of mercinae.

Written by my hand on the 21st of Eleuthral, in the year 1017.