Ho hum,

Thankyou Blotto for the previous post.

I hope people out there don't *really* think anything of the sort about Parrius.

We are a growing city, with a good number of youngsters with great attitude and a friendly spirit.

We are certainly not (nor shall we be) a city of darkness.

And though our citizenry may now include people who have had a \"dark\" history, why not give them a chance to show how they mean to go on now they have joined Parrius.

As for myself, do I have to remind folks that I follow the Lord of Light, and have ever stood with those in need.

And as I am the person who Parrius has seen fit to elect to the post which is nearest to that of other cities' feudal leaders, why not look on that as an indication of where Parrius's spirit lies instead?

For Parrius and the Light,


Written by my hand on the 20th of Eleuthral, in the year 1017.