Some ok points.

Some ok points but since I was the one who plundered the gauthrang resources after the goblins ransacked the place I can tell you they were not much help in fact I think we still have some of the salt we got out of that. As for Ithakus bringing some

Gant comms while not Thakrian at the time I am sure it was a help but not by far what rebuilt Thakria.

As for good and evil cities what a laugh. There are no pure good and evil cities in avalon at all. Each city performs its acts of kindness and atrocities. Thakria is cast in a dim light because frankly we visit evil acts onto all of avalon while on

ly we see the other side of it go figure. It is still a nice little challenge to fight 3 cities and all its citizens and I dare say a lot more interesting.


Written by my hand on the 21st of Leaflost, in the year 1016.