Thakria and a little bit of history.

For the benefit of some of the younger players and those older Thakrians who tend to forget:

Currently if you are \"evil\" in intent you have a choice of just one city \"Thakria\".

is your only real choice - in the recent past that was not the case.

Not too long ago when Gauthang and to a lesser extent Gant & Gabbad were in existence

it did give those less rabid thakrians an alternative home. All this achieved was

to weaken Thakria to such an extent that Mercinaes army marched and totally levelled


It is amusing that although Parrius but to a greater extent Springdale, has grown as large as it

is and still joins efforts with it's natural allies and this is looked upon with such scorn by younger

Thakrians in particular.

If there was one \"good\" city and one \"evil\" city do you think the current conflict would

have lasted as long as it has ?.

To Thakrians remember without Gauthang being there you would not have been able to hide a lot

of your comms when your city was ruined. Without Gants comms from Ithakus rebuilding would

have taken you a lot longer and without orcs destroying the 40K fortifications

at Gauthang you wouldnt have been able to plunder their comms.

Written by my hand on the 11th of Leaflost, in the year 1016.