Standing up on my own.

I am, I do, and I am standing up against the only thing that threatens me, and that is Thakria.

When rebuilding time comes along there will be the hardcore group whom I have great deal of respect for, who will be there to build up again. Trouble is this: When you start getting stronger again, you seem to attract the power-hungry and bloodthirsty

, those who are completely indiscriminate, for who quite frankly I have a little less than no respect for, for they give me none either.

Throw off your self-destructive mantle Thakria, show some thought and discretion and maybe we would trust you.

I personally couldnt give a damn if Parrius and Mercinae get knocked down, Im not fighting for them, Im fighting for me, my city and my guild. However who and what attacks everything I fight for? Thakria... Whom am I sure will be the first to try and d

estroy my homeland? Thakria

and if I let Thakria knock down Mercinae, where will there eyes turn next?

You make yourselves everyone's enemies. Im not scared of you and Im not scared of any other city, but until dear ole uncle Zenichiro moved to Parrius just recently I dont believe I have seriously fought someone from another city, because thay had neve

r fought me.

You dig your own hole, and never learn, what can you do about this? *shrug* I dunno, not really my problem, but Id suggest you do something, but maybe you dont care.

Written by my hand on the 24th of Hindyear, in the year 1016.