You are quite right Avalon thrives on chaos.

However, there will without doubt be times in the future as there have

in the past where one side will face defeat.

Mercinae in the past has suffered (twice) at Thakrias hands, once being ruined and requiring divine intervention

to continue and the second time coming within a whisper of total defeat.

Luckily the aftermath of that last attack left Thakria also depleted and

Mercinae focussed better on recovery to sych an extent Thakria was eventually levelled.

Breathing space was then granted to Thakria which again provided a focus for a small

group to rebuild (interestingly not all mindless blood crazed individuals).

Mercinae lost some foucs after it's victory and Thakria grew and thus we get to the current

situation. Rest assured individuals will strive to accquire victory and the current impass will

be overcome with one or more cities again reduced to scratch.

My point is this, it is always worth striving for victory and there are always goals

for those prepared to put the time and effort to upset the status quo. Let us not forget those

individuals from all the cities in the past who have contributed to change.

Written by my hand on the 15th of Hindyear, in the year 1016.