Inane and Incorrect?.

Lord Cimaresto Compatriot Ulyssis the Compassionate

During the conflicts between the various duchies in Middle England during the early fifteen hundreds, it was not unusual for a soldier to wake up one morning and find that

he was now fighting against a soldier he had been sharing a billet with just 3 weeks before as Alliances changed with the tides.

In fact the commanders ended up getting so insensed with this happening that several mutinies happened during this time.

In closer history, a certain Stonewall Jackson was often noted for his curious behaviour and odd commands. In one battle he ordered his men to defend to the death a village captured two days previous, Only to pull out and leave the village deserted af

ter securing a victory.

Any moral? Not really, it just shows that Commanders sometimes do some very crazy things and make some stupid orders. Most Soldiers understand that failing to carry out the order of a senior officer would result in a court marshall.

Why would the soldiers be any different in Avalon?

Just a thought.

Written by my hand on the 4th of Ilmarael, in the year 1016.