Omacron SilverWingsto Evil Aerian, Gateway to Hell

Are you truly so pathetic Aerian that you would stoops this low? Is Thakria

truly this afraid of us? Must we stoop to abusing the system in such a way and

destroying any sense of realism we have here?

It is truly sad to see someone who cares so little for Avalon that we would

destroy parts of it just for his personal gain.

I could go on but you are so pathetic that you are hardly worth the effort.

I can only hope the gods will set right what you in your foolishness have


I would say it is sad to see Thakria sink this low but I have more respect

for most Thakrians than to group them in with you after this.

Feel free to now post and rant as befits one of your limited capacities.

Written by my hand on the 14th of Midsummer, in the year 1016.