Thakrian Might.

Evil Aerian, Gateway to Hellto Everyone

Dare you oppose Thakria now Parrius and Mercinae?

In one day i have managed to wipe out all the Parrian troops who were protecting the

gate of Mercinae. I ask you to surrender now before we march upon you Mercinae... save

your citizens whilst you can...

I didst see the Prince or Mercinae hiding in his hole in Mercinae and upon seeing this

attacked and quickly dealth him a mighty blow and rendered him confused...

During this time i used my magics to compulse him to declare war on Parrius...

I sat back and laughed with great pleasure as i saw the Mercinaens slay every single

Parrian troop at the gates of Mercinae.

The Parrians were confused and fell swiftly as their so-called allies attacked them

under the command of their Prince who was under my spell...


Evil Aerian, Gateway to HEll

Written by my hand on the 12th of Midsummer, in the year 1016.