This debate.

Arikarr, Prophet of Vengeanceto Everyone

This debate is utimately pointless and self defeating. There are those

of us in this world that kill. and those that use protections in order

to avoid being killed. I will slaughter all those I have a mind to do

so, and if I can find a way around their defences to do it, I shall

use that weakness. I don't care whether that defence is from a skill,


hiding in a room somewhere, Being under divine protection, up a tree or

even being a pacifist. They are just defences to be overcome.

You won't stop me with words, or with debate. You want to stop people

like me, then there are only two ways. Face us in combat, or, in the

case of a bug (which we do spot and report from time to time) have the

Gods order it so.

All else is fair and equal. Now, shut up.

Written by my hand on the 2nd of Springflower, in the year 1016.