my conduct.

Abbot Elbethamore, Mystic of Mercinaeto Everyone

Some troublesome stories have been spread about me, and I want to clear them up. First, I've never conspired with Thakrians or members of the Seers guild, nor have I provided them with any useful information.

A conversation I had in the Room of Stars was overheard, and its contents misconstrued. Any information regarding the seeing stone situation that I gave to Flagg was trivial and nothing he didn't already know.

I was with Flagg trying to get the complete story of how the stone war began in order to make an accurate judgment for my guild (as anyone would do who wants to look before he leaps).

I did not aid, or attempt to aid, any Seer efforts, and I have done nothing to undo the work done by the Prophets. The guild of Mystics was and is staunchly neutral in this conflict, but it will continue to protect Mercinae city locations.

In regards to anything personal I may have said about those who overheard me, what can I do but apologize? I did not expect anyone else to hear, but I know there is no excuse for speaking so ill of someone behind their back.

I remain strictly loyal to my city and guild through all this conflict, and would like to see this matter resolved with as little harm done as possible.



Written by my hand on the 9th of Skyelong, in the year 1014.