Yackedy yack yack.

Vengeance's Assassin, Lord Plaman Prince of Miraclesto Everyone

Ho Ho depriving the land of a quest I liked that one. Simon good show using means you had available to get quest items. Kilthas thanks for doing what I had left off and say why Vengeance would be at odds with Compassion and has no room for it. Ulys

sis thanks for some umm interesting drivel. One question though where did the whole pacifism come from? I never mentioned it and am well over that sad lot of people. Compassion bah who needs it a quick knife slice to the throat and stomping on the

downtrodden will get you along. However what you say fact remains I have the dove and will not give it up for free as I wish to profit from a quest too. So either deal or find some way to get it from me and keep me from ruining the quest again.

Plaman, for profit, glory, power, a little choas and of course always Vengeance

Written by my hand on the 26th of Midsummer, in the year 1013.