quest items.

Sir Jaredto Simon Templar

I was quite inspired by your post, dear Simon! *smiles sweetly as every good huggy should* I felt that perhaps you had forgotten to tell your dear Prince how you had offered to trade an item needed to take down long night so that you could get an item

needed for the Yabbabadon quest. And interesting isn't it that you did not have to work up a sweat and dirty your hands or tax your boundless brain *wink* in order to enjoy that great Thakrian quest! Oh yes, that quest that ONLY Thakrians can enjoy!

And also amazing that you requested the trade from a Springdalian guild!

I think that Simon's great adventure in gaining his Thakrian quest item deserves recognition and admiration! *applauds heartily* Good show, dear Simon!! Good Show!

Sir Jared

Written by my hand on the 23rd of Midsummer, in the year 1013.