The Dove of Compassion.

Wizard Amygdala, The Elderto Everyone

I think in discussing the various arguments about conflicts and alignment we miss the central point.

The ritual of compassion was provided for us by Rhadamanyths and as such is a divine gift.

The ritual itself is one of the most beautiful in the land and has inspired many who exist here.

Holding the dove of peace to ransom simply deprives the land of a beautiful ritual and impoverishes us all.

I doubt anyone will fill a ransom request, if they did what would stop plaman from doing this again.

Thus Plaman's actions have simply deprived the land of yet another of its facets.

I feel sad at this new development for i had thought Plaman genuinely cares for this place as a whole - it seems i was wrong.

In addition it amazes me that Plamans arrogance is such that he feels he can interfere with the wishes of the gods and deprive us of a divine gift.

Wizard Amygdala.

Written by my hand on the 18th of Midsummer, in the year 1013.