My Last Word on the Subject I promise.

Truth be told I personally don't give a damn about any ritual Light, Dark or shades of Grey. Lock 'em all up for all I care.

But since you brought Grundy up, I wish to jog your grey matter a little further. Just prior to Grundy leaving this mortal plain, I seem to recall Genesis clearly ruling that no more ritual items be locked away.

That fact that the Gods will or will not retrieve the Dove, rests not, I believe on if Mesto whimpers hard enough or not but if the Gods themselves decide that the acts of one mortal has created an effect to the detriment of many.

That is the risk you take in keeping it (the Gods just may remember their own ruling) - then again things may have changed since I've been gone from Avalon.

In the meantime let those who want the Dove I suggest you take a Thakrian example an get the damn thing by using your skills and talents (if you can that is).

Yours in Compassion


Written by my hand on the 4th of Midsummer, in the year 1013.