The Promised Definition of Compassion.

It seems Sir, that you are confused between Pacifism and Compassion. The two are close relatives but are not the same thing. Pacifism has no place in the natural order of a world such as Avalon, which operates on the basis of necessity.

I know that the pacifistic ideal seems to be a symbol of relief at first and I don't despise it. But in truth it can't quench pain, it can't cure suffering and it can't stop the tears that slip through your soul when an injustice is done.

Compassion on the other hand, is to so show deep concern for another human being. While those of compassion never inflict pointless suffering, they are quite happy to relieve the sorrows of others (if they have the talent to do so) by removing the hea


of those who do.

Perhaps the whole root of the human trouble, is that we will sacrifice all the beauty of our lives by imprisoning ourselves in totems such as blood sacrifices, cry's of vengeance, armies, flags, and fighting in order to deny the fact of death itself,

when in fact, death IS the only fact we have.

For when death comes to pass, every person in Avalon makes an impression, at that time even the wickedest amongst us inherits part of the liberated soul and becomes a ghost rich in humanness and unable to harm a single soul.

It follows then, that a true act of Compassion would to gift the evil doers amongst us, that inheritance, for as long and as often as possible no matter which side (light or dark) they are.

For if you believe for one moment, that Compassion is reserved only for those on one side of the playing field, you are dumber than I thought possible. I have personally seen citizens of Thakria increase levels by a factor of three by being at the rit


So in the end Sir, you do many of your own citizens a disservice. Charge what you will for the return of the Dove. My advice to my High Priest, was, is and will remain, pay nothing for it. Increase the demand as you wish, 100% of nothing is nothing.

Which is about the right price to pay for the amount and quality of your integrity.

Yours in Compassion (With or Without the Dove)


Written by my hand on the 4th of Midsummer, in the year 1013.