Vengeance's Assassin, Lord Plaman Prince of Miraclesto Everyone

The price of the dove is now up to 100 iron 5000 gold and 100 rope. As for comments on hoarding and it right to hoard long night items well of course it is because it is not the Thakrians hoarding them. Hoarding the items for the Yabbabadon quest ar

e hoarded as well and that is ok because again Thakrians do not do it. As for the quest not hurting anyone I beg to differ the ritual of compassion makes me sick to my stomach and causes mental anguish with its utter nonesense so I am therefore harme

d by this ritual.

As for shifting blame that is hardly the case. I do not shift blame onto others and always take full credit for what I do part of being so egotistical. I do not steal the dove because I want Vengeance on it or the ritual. I steal the dove because I

sense profit in selling it and Vengeance has no room for compassion and I do it for the glory of Xanthe.

On a final note cute post simon I have a sad feeling that is the typical thought when it comes to quest items. People think they should be placed in their laps instead of having to adventure and be daring and enter dangerous near impenetrable places

to obtain them. Which is truly sad as I remember a time back when I was after the long night items the joy and satisfaction I felt for breaking into the Alchemist guild, which at the time was usually very tightly locked up by Grundy, with no assistan

ce and gaining all the items for the long night they had. I have enjoyed this spark of exciment I have caused on the bb here but was hoping for a little bit more action. My hat off to Jebaman who though you royaly pissed me off did something and has

killed me in the name of compassion to regain the dove. Alas this method will not work for its return.


Written by my hand on the 2nd of Midsummer, in the year 1013.