hoarding quest items.


Though I have no great personal interest in this matter, I think a distinction should be made between quests that harm others and quests that are purely for a sense of achievement and for experience.

Hoarding Long Night (and for that matter, Alessandria) items can hardly be counted bad form, since those quests are harmful to one community or another in Avalon.

Hoarding guild quest items is sad and shameful - especially those guild quest items that are for the first few quests assigned to the younger guildmembers.

I don't know where the Ritual items fit into this, but I can see no way in which the Ritual of Compassion harms you, or any way in which it harms anyone - all who witness the Ritual of Compassion gain benefit.

And though I would wish otherwise, the Ritual of Light items are fairer game for hoarding, for the Light opposes those who walk in the darkness, rather than showing them the love of Compassion.

So hoard if you must, but don't equate your actions with those of the folk trying to keep the Long Night from the land. And if you want guild quest items released, I have to say you're hardly setting a great precedent are you?

Krill, for the Light

Written by my hand on the 26th of Skyelong, in the year 1013.