and the rest of you cowards...

To answer your question dear blood gorging high priest, no - I personally have never committed such acts as you cite, nor anything of like. While I cant speak for everyone (and I'm sure there HAVE been those who have hoarded quest items to prevent som

e of your incredibly just and wonderful citizens from rising levels and wreaking havoc upon the land), I am a follower of Wraith - not of the God of Compassion. The point of my post was not to point fingers and suggest that Plaman , or the entire city

of Thakria for that matter, is the only person to ever commit a grievous act of this nature.

I simply am trying to express my opinion on the matter (which is what the public board is for, no?), and my opinion happens to be that hoarding the dove in the name of vengeance is skewed and unreasonable. Kidnapping the dove in return for a stolen gu

ild quest item is to the effect of, say, Plaman stealing a necklace from a Sdlian and SD in turn blowing up Thakria. You don't decide to commit an act in the name of vengeance and THEN proceed to think up what it is in return for. If you have a person

al problem with someone locking up a quest item(s) - and it appears that you do, I suggest you take it up with them personally.

The Ritual of Compassion is truly a gift from the Gods, and the persons who have the skill to participate in the ritual do so not only for their own benefit, but the benefit of everyone in Avalon. When was the last time you were excluded from a ritual

for no reason, hmmm? To take vengeance on the ritual implies it has harmed you in some way, and I think we all know that's just too ridiculous to suggest. So let me re-iterate my last post - if you don't like something and want to attempt to hinder i

t, go ahead. All I ask is you stop shifting blame from yourselves.

May Webster's Dictionary sweep over all,


Written by my hand on the 25th of Skyelong, in the year 1013.