Vengeance's Assassin, Lord Plaman Prince of Miraclesto Everyone

I am taking Vengeance for the fact that quest items needed for Thakrian quests are often locked away and not offered out to Thakrians. I am taking Vengeance on the weakness of Compassions High Priest whinning the second he found out I will not just h

and over the dove of needing to run to the gods for help instead of doing for himself. Compassion itself may not be weak but those here who spout their bent on it definetly are weak whiney and snively. I also still say Compassion is for the weak and

cowardly. For those too afraid to stand up for themselves, compassion is given to the weak that suffer at the hands of the strong. I have no compassion. I would not piss on a blazing man to put him out instead I would look to see how I could profi


In the end never pressume I do not understand the Dark Lady of Vengeance for I am her assassin and when I use her name I do not do so blindly or without reason. The ritual of compassion will not be done until the dove is payed for or until the whinni

ngs of those who follow compassion such as mestopholies sickens one of the divine and they interfere on the matter.

May my Vengeance sweep over all


Written by my hand on the 24th of Skyelong, in the year 1013.