And the rest of you cowards.....

Let me see now. Have you ever locked away an item for the LongNight?

Brought down the totem of the Diabolus? Kept guild quest items

important to anothers guild in your guild stores?

Consider this act of Plamans to be Retribution for that, then.

But of course, our noble Prince, being the fair-minded and genorous

individual that we have come to know and love, at least offers the

chance to regain your items, whilst ours fester in the strongholds

of those who purport to be servants of Light, Truth and Freedom.

Behold such genorosity and make well of it. There is an old phrase

about looking gift horses in mouths you would do well to recall.

Arikarr D'Malachia, High Priest of Xanthe.

Written by my hand on the 19th of Skyelong, in the year 1013.