Stone War.

Orinoko, the Renegade Wombleto Everyone

Im writing this bb, in the vain hope that someone might actually decide to listen, hell has to happen sometimes I guess

The prophets do NOT wish a stone war, Lothar has said words in haste for which, he has apologised, surely that can be left there?

Gesiah, if we wished to bond all of avalon to a stone, it would be our stone, not the Forest Viewing Room one......... that one controls Azrilli, and that's it

Thanks to a couple of ungrounded and generally mis-informed posts, the prophets are getting a regular slating on this bb.

Now as any of you who know me can say, I am not a whiner, I take what I get and get on with it, so Im not gonna complain about any attacks on prophets that have been occurring, they have been occurring ever since we set up the damn guild, and I doubt

this post or any other thing is likely to stop that.

However, it would be appreciated if the facts could be gotten straight. As of this moment Derillion has just taken the imprint on the ROS stone, I have no idea who it has been allowed to be I hope everyone, if Lothar wishes to try and imprint it back,

I have said fine but this time it will be allowed to everyone.

Orinoko, expecting a barrage of posts saying but he did this, and he did that, and he's lying out of his teeth, blah, blah, blah..... but hell he thought he would try anyway

Written by my hand on the 18th of Eleuthral, in the year 1011.