My apology.

Lotharto Loremaster Yairi

Prince Yairi,

Glad I am that this has come to light - how many times has a word been uttered and then regretted?

One of your Barons also has a copy of this manuscript, and spoke with me earlier. It was he that urged me to post this apology, knowing that many things are often spoken in anger, and that words can heal more than swords & spells.

I ask you, what good is it if I come to the BB to post my most sincere apologies, intending to bring closure to this matter, when you seem prepared to prolong this situation?

I am regretful of my actions. I offer my apologies and assertion that I will work for the good of the ROS Treaty.+

You are free to believe what you will, of course

May you walk in the Light,


Written by my hand on the 28th of Agamnion, in the year 1010.