Sadly, this lasted for but hours, by then Saphir had moved the troops back into Eleusis

despite orders from his Princess and Minister. They were removed once again and to no-ones surprise

Saphir moved the troops back into Eleusis within a day or so. Springtown's responce to

this was a shrug of it's collective shoulders and to say \"What can you do? It's Saphir\"

The troops were a clear provocation but in themselves, they weren't a major problem

at that time. Sadly, not long afterwards, Springtown decided to up the stakes and on

one particular day they organised an attack by Mercinaen troops on Thakrian troops.

A single Mercinae officer led a few small legions up the river to attack some Thakrian

legions, flanked by around 6 or 7 Springtownians, led by Saphir, Blueskull and Gandalf.

I was the only Thakrian in the land at that time and although I made many attempts

touch slow or hinder their progress, against such numbers I died and was forced to ride

the ship a number of times.

I was heartened slightly by the fact Springtown had just moved it's troops on the river

at certain key places allowing Mercinae to do the very attack it was making, but which would

also allow me to instantly attack back and wipe out considerably more Mercinaen troops

than I had just lost

Written by my hand on the 7th of Leaflost, in the year 1009.