Let's get the facts down.

Loremaster Yairito Sir Kes the Flashing Blade

OK, let's clear the air on this whole issue and get our facts straight.

First of all, it was ME who abused the bug by moving troops.

Plaman did not do it, Guinni did not do it.

I did it alone and have confessed my actions

to both Magellan and Proteus.

I moved 2, 5-man legions and one 20-man Mercinae legion that had

been marched into our SOI in Eleusis, but ONLY after

we tried to march troops there and kill them

in the prescribed fashion.

We could not kill them because troops were PASSIVE but

we did not even know THAT at the time.

Lord Castigere's post came a full day AFTER I had

moved the Mercinae legions off to Parrius.

I assumed that we were not able to kill your legions due

to a bug, so I employed another bug to stop

Mercinae from taking SOI.

My actions were wrong, I admit that, and we have been punished for it.

Subsequently, I committed a horrible, grievous act against

Springdale by employing the same bug to move

a 6-man Springdale legion from Main Street in Eleusis.

I did that, however so as to AVOID having to kill those

troops (which were placed there as a clear provocation to us).

Had I been interested in major bug abuse, I would have moved

the 15K Mercinae legion near the path entrance and

sealed them in a mineshaft.

Instead I surgically applied a bug to solve what I thought at

the time was another troop bug.

Finally, Guinni is not enlisting men from the streets

of Mercinae you fool.

If she were able to do that, we would own ALL of your men.

Written by my hand on the 4th of Leaflost, in the year 1009.