You Fuck wit.

I am and willingly will be accused of alot of things but I will not stand by and be accused of abusing a bug. In fact to get to the bug I was there when it was brought up and said I would not use a bug in warfare and suggested it not be done at all a

nd promptly left for the next 2 days. I relish the challenge of warfare and what little strategy their currently is probably more so then anyone else in avalon.

Now how dare your good for nothing sit in the barracks spouting off obscenities be so low as to claim I first took advantage of the troop attack being turned off? First fact Yairi moved some mercinae men off our soi using a bug after we tried to atta

ck these men to save our soi. Fact Thakria has been punished for Yairi's deed. Fact knowing the current troop attack was off oh so brave Sir Kes moved troops to thaumice to steal Thakrian soi. Fact I came back from my holiday and asked Proteus if t

roop attack was still off and even inquired about the reasoning behind turning attack off but leaving movement on to which he wasn't sure why this was done. Fact I (no offense intended here) know that gods can be misleading all in the name of good ro

le play brough troop to eleusis to attack another mercinae legion attempting to steal soi. Fact it did not work. Fact I then moved a considerable amount of troops after talking to Yairi and telling him I didn't like taking advantage of the no troop

attack but had to since Mercinae was and we need to stay competitve and not give you a crap win. Fact Yairi did also move springdalian troops but I still would have depolyed my troops the way I did since troop attack was off. Also a fact is I have y

et to raise any flags though as I post this I have not checked to see if any of my citizens have. Now in the sense of fair play and the challenge of it and realizing for the bu abuse we deserve the punishment we got I will not raise flags if deemed i

t is not right by Mercinae or Springdale better not raise one damn flag over a Thakrian soi also while troop attack is off.

I may not be the best fighter and may in fact be a crappy role player in some peoples eyes but I make all attempts at keeping things fun for myself and making things challenging for myself and enemies. I will be damned if a whiney little safety room

sitting worm speak about me this way!

tolerance the rest of you who don't care please excuse some of my rather out of form crass language on here as this really bothered me.


Written by my hand on the 2nd of Leaflost, in the year 1009.