fruit trees.

Mage Hero, the Last Umbrogento Loremaster Yairi

Since this seems to have become a sore point with the thakrians, it is my duty to inform you that it was I that felled the aforementioned trees in the central park.

Following Brigantias previously expressed views on tree overpopulation, I thinned

the veritable forest that was growing in the park, from some 130 odd trees down to

a slightly more manageable 16, 8 of pear, 8 of apple.

Personally, I agree with Brigantia that tree overpopulation is offensive to the eye,

and seriously damaging to the local ecology of the area. There are large areas of

forest in this land, and I suggest that high growth of vegetation is more appropriate to these areas, than in a 'safe' area used purely as a convenient fruit store.

98 case you wish to accuse me of partisanship, I point out that I similarly trimmed an area of 40 plus trees I found growing near Aldarons temple in Mercinae.

Personally, since you yairi, arthor and zenichiro were all present in thakria during the period in which I was trimming the area, I would suggest that this a perfect

example of how thakria operates - jump to the nearest conclusion, don't bother to

check the facts, and attack the obvious target. Perhaps an apology to the rangers for

slandering their good name is in order?

Given that there are at least 500 fruit trees within easy access of the thakrian gates, I feel absolutely no guilt at 'depriving' the thakrian young of fruit - the

only guilt I feel is that I left the felled trees cluttering the thakrian landscape

over the millenial period, and inadvertently caused the rangers a problem. Sorry guys.

Please feel free to make me an enemy of thakria. Oh, you can't, as I was enemied some years ago as a pacifist, simply because I was mercinaen.

Written by my hand on the 13th of Hindyear, in the year 1009.