Not Felling.

Jackle, Reborn to the Greento Loremaster Yairi

As can be seen by my actions in this land I will assist any younger player regardless of birth city! Kas and I did not fell the trees to deprive the younger players of food. The trees had already been felled when Kas arrived. I will never fell a fr

uit bearing tree that is not well past it's prime, and plant several replacements if I do remove an aged tree. We were simply cleaning up the mess caused by the missmanagement of an orchard. I'm sure if I or Kas had spent all the time required to fe

ll that many trees, one of your good citizens would have noticed us. I do not deny logging the trees that were found felled I saw that as a severe fire hazard to your fine city, perhaps you should look to your own for the destruction of the wonderful

trees. The Rangers love of the \"leafy and green\" is well known across Avalon. If I were searching for places to start looking for a culprit, I'd start in the city known for the love of destruction and pain.

Written by my hand on the 28th of Midsummer, in the year 1009.