Proteus, god of the seato Lord Cimares

My post was mostly aimed at those who decide they are bored or something and walkin to Springdale and decide to slay and strip someone like Kimba who barely has Master skills on one or two areas while they have 8-13 ults.

My own feeling on teaming is that at present, it isnt done very well. It is so much brute force and very little coordination and guile, much like getting a boulder and tossing it as fast as you and your friends can. There is so much unexplored potenti

alI hate to see i even a successful team settle for depending on knight types to do the majority of the dishing out or going into a fight next to another and hoping for the best in getting a kill. Teaming today is people standing in the same room, but

not mutually supporting each other.

Teaming and avrits have their place against rival teams or for punishing individuals for stealing from the city as a whole, but obviously not to victimize a single person walking to down the street simply because they are a visible citizen of a rival


I applaud your recent experiments with starburst, it is a seer skill long gone dusty. (I am, of course, purposely obscuring what elements are needed to accomplish it) And you and your warlock friends probably have good in role reasons to use it on Kes

but, if for example, you were to use it on Loreli who I know follows Brigantia simply becase you want her to drop the comms she harvested from the Mercinae fileds erm fields so someone can steal it--well while that is perfectly legal, it would be mor

e in role to send a bandit to seteal it from her secretly. Even though she hasnt done anything to offend you, your city, or the bandit--that is what bandits role in Avalon is.

All things being equal though, you might have some grounds for blasting her if Thakria boldly laid claim to Mercinae harvest as tribute and in exchange for not attacking anyone in the city for another year (of course, they would have to hold to their

promise not to attack Mercinaens) If Mercinae refused, then Thakria would probably say last chance or wi we will invade your fields and slay your harvesters and steal their goods.

Mercinae will probably curse me for mentioning the idea, but as this is what Thakria does anyway without the declaration, it would be silly for them to do so.

In essence, I am not telling Thakrians to stop being Thakrians, but rahter to be better Thakrians--give us a little roleplay with your jabjab. Just realize that roleplaying a bloodthirsty thakrian would erm who rather likes to victimize young members

of opposing cities simply because they are easy prey is frowned upon. In fact, victimizing such easy prey should make a person look like a wussy fighter with no sense of pride in the eyes of guildmates and other citizens. It wold be akin to having a pe

rson with 13 ults constantly braggin g about how he slew the cyclops with the spear of eleusis.

What sort of respect would you have for that person?


Written by my hand on the 28th of Skyelong, in the year 1009.