Teaming et al.

Lord Cimaresto Proteus, god of the sea

I heartily agree, However I do feel there is a place for teaming in this Land. First of all we need to define just what we mean.

Do we regard teaming as two people using all their skills to batter one opponent senseless teaming. In this instance yes.

However, should we regard 4 wizards dancing and then using an Avalon Ritual as teaming. Should a seer assisting a Bard or Mage be considered teaming. in this case yes and no.

In the case of a seer and a bard (or mage) the seer is merely a channel for the other guilds magic.

Whilst the seer is assisting an attack on the other person, he is not actively contributing to the attack.

Once the avalon ritual is complete, all four wizards may sit and cast all the spells they desire, is this teaming?

The two examples above are just that, mere examples, they show how the various guild skills can be used to assist another person of the same or different guild.

These skills have been written brought about by the gods purely for assistance of another offensive act, else why have them.

It is in your own mind to make up as to whether or not your are teaming someone in the normal sense of the word, or just making active use of the skillsets bestowed upon you.

Written by my hand on the 24th of Skyelong, in the year 1009.