Sorcerers, Teaming and LWs.


After your post I felt I needed to spea. For whilst I am sure you did not

intend so, it may appear to some that the majority of your argument was

levelled at Sorcerers regarding Teaming, Stripping and Slaying of LWs.

I want to make it known, publicly, that the harming of ANYONE on the

LW list is one of my pet hates, recently brought to the surface by the

constant accusations from certain quarters that this is all we do.

This constant stream of insults and abuse the Sorcerers guild recieve

is entirely unfounded, and further I would add that our recent influx

of new members has been wavering, many of them leaving, as they have

been teamed and stripped by ridiculously powerful players in teams themselves.

I merely wished to set the record straight, before anyone else decided

that we were the most brutal teaming T*****rs in the game, which these days,

we are not.

Sorcerers, as a general rule, do not team any more than occasionally, nor

do we normally strip our opponents down to nothing, and we never harm LWs.

Now, I call upon those who have slung such accusations at me to make their

posts and see if they can lay the same claim.

The Sorcerers guild wholly support the words of Lord Proteus.

Written by my hand on the 18th of Skyelong, in the year 1009.