Proteus, god of the seato Everyone

It has come to my attention that a a fair number of people with lw status are still being killed and I would like to remind people that there will be penalties for doing so if you are caught.

It has also come to my attention that once a novice leaves lw status, those who are arrayed against him/her are overwhelmingly powerful--people with multiple ults attacking people with skills hardly better than renowned on average. Amazingly, since a

single ult leveled player doesnt have the wit to strip someone alone, the poor victim is teamed by many with high level skills.

I submit that except for sorcerers, none of the other guild really have molesting and spreading terror among the young as a central ideal and in fact, some specify honorable treatment of ones enemies or at least dealing with them with a lack of malice

I will be examining the way people roleplay within their character, guild, order etc and offering rewards for good roleplay and perhaps subtle comments to those who are not doing as well. In fact, as my control of my power has become finer, my rewards

will be just as subtle.

I have my own definition of roleplaying, but I would welcome discussion on the matter in hopes that the elders of the land would be able to generate a general roleplay guidelines they can live with and pass on to their citizens and guild members.

My suggestion in terms of battle is that it encompass a more direct cause and effect where a person doesnt actually attack another unless they have done something to offend the in role character (which I would hope would have an ego separate from the

OOC one) such as picking of pockets, creating an obstacle to ones plans, etc.

I also suggest that the big brothers and sisters stay out of the conflicts of the younger folks outside of offering advice and equipment and encourage your younger brothers and sisters to sort out their own scrapes. Unless, of course, they are being a

ttacked by a bigger person your own size in which case you should feel free to run them off, but leave the little ones to duke it out themselves. And if you are attacked by a little mite, I would think it better to disable them, warn them off and walk

away and if they continue, disable and perhaps take ONE piece of equipment as a penalty and warn them off.

I have noted that some cities and guilds have taken my suggestion to prepare for the coming changes to heart--do not think you have escaped my notice, some of you have already been rewarded. What I suggest in addition to what you already do is that in

stead of looking for someone to kill if an established enemy your own size isnt available--teach or recruit. (Or, of course, tend to general city, guild, or order concerns)

I guarantee that if you are as tough and as good as you think you are, it will greatly increase the general quality of your guilds and citizens. And, if you dont fancy yourself tough or skilled, find someone who is and learn from them.

He Who Walks Between the Waves,


Written by my hand on the 13th of Skyelong, in the year 1009.